Zrmanja river


Zrmanja - from Vir you will be relatively close to the beautiful river Zrmanja. You don't have to be a paddler or a fisherman, and yet you can enjoy it and diversify your beach couch. Do you remember Vinetou films? For tomahawk canoe races? Follow in the footsteps of the Apaches in the places where it was filmed more than forty years ago ... A typical karst river in Northern Dalmatia. It is neither too long (64 km) nor massive, but in some sections it has stormy waterfalls, cascades, rapids and is surrounded by wild gorges. It is therefore sought after by wild water lovers. Amazing canyon, emerald water, transparent to several meters, the highest waterfall. The canyon is sometimes called one of the most charming in all of Europe. The upper stream flows wide through the valley and then through the canyon to its mouth. The river is navigable for small boats up to Obrovka and creates several stages with waterfalls.