Plitvice Lakes


Plitvice Lakes - are the most famous Croatian national park and are among the oldest and most valuable natural attractions. It is located in the Lika area between the mountains Mala Kapela and Plješivica, at an altitude of 408 - 1208 m. The distance to Zagreb is 140 km, to Split 230 km and to Rijeka 180 km. Declared a national park in 1949, it covers an area of ​​295 km2, three quarters of which is covered by forest, and the rest of the area consists of meadows and farms (70 km2) and water areas (2 km2). In 1979, the national park also took its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. About a million visitors come here every year. Czech tourists visit this place mainly in the summer when passing to the Adriatic Sea. The park is also decorated with numerous caves, natural springs and flower meadows. You can see the natural beauty while riding a panoramic train or boating on the lakes. The most attractive destination for visitors is 16 small lakes of crystal blue-green color. The lakes are interconnected by sparkling breathtaking waterfalls and numerous streams. The lake system consists of 12 Upper (Prošćansko Lake, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Vir, Veliki and Mali Jovinovac (lake), Galovac, Milino Lake, Gradinsko Lake, Veliki burget, Kozjak) and 4 Lower Lakes (Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluderovac The upper lakes with a dolomite base were created by natural accumulation of travertine barriers, which are constantly growing due to climatic conditions, soil composition and living organisms (about 3 cm per year), and the lower lakes situated in a deep limestone canyon by collapse of cave ceilings.