Island Pag


Island of Pag - lies the southern part of the inner belt of the Kvarner islands, southeast of the island of Rab. It is elongated, 60 km long. It is separated from the mainland by the Velebit Strait (Velebitski kanal), and from the Rab Strait by the Pag Strait (Paški kanal). It is low in the southwest, high and steep in the northeast. In particular, this side is exposed to the dreaded cold gusting wind - the Boron (in more detail: Winds on the Adriatic) and storms blowing from the mainland to the sea. Most of the island is bare and rocky. Only a small part of its karst surface is in places overgrown with makchia and šibljak. Only in the western part - from Lun through Novalja to Šimuni, tall trees (mostly pines) grow in some places. The island has no surface watercourses, but a number of springs and two karst lakes in the south. The highest point of the island of Pag is the hill of St. Vita (Sveti Vid - 348 m). The largest bay is the long, almost closed Pažki zaljev. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean.