Dugi otok / Kornati


Kornati - a group of small islands, islets and reefs in the southern part of the North Dalmatian islands, in the outer belt between the islands of Dugi otok and Žirje. They stretch in the direction of coastal mountain ranges. There are no streams on the limestone or Cretaceous islands. nor freshwater springs. It was named after the Kornati, the largest island of the archipelago (32.6 km2). Some islands rise steeply from the sea with steep walls, others are almost flat. It is the densest archipelago in the Adriatic - 147 islands, islets and reefs on an area of ​​about 300 km2. Kornati National Park was declared in 1980 and covers an area of ​​223 km2 of land and water, ie the majority of the Kornati islands (without the island group around the islands of Žut and Sit). Each visitor must pay the entrance fee to the national park, other activities are also paid. The Kornati National Park Authority is based in Murter on the coast of the same name. Due to the complete lack of drinking water, they do not provide the possibility of permanent settlement. Until the 18th century. however, there were several fishing settlements. To this day, only a few old, sometimes used construction remains, some of which have been converted into simple hospitality facilities (houses for Robinson Crusoe residents of sport fishermen and divers), some are used for picnics, during which fish specialties are prepared. On some islands and even in the sea you can see the remains of Roman settlements, for example in the shallow Strait of Mala Proversa between the islands of Dugi otok and Katina, the ruins of a large Roman building from the 1st - 2nd century, which stood in Roman times, are clearly visible in the water. on land. The border of the national park passes through the neighboring Vela Proversa Strait.